CORPLAY is a collaborative platform for learning and awareness raising, developed with the scope of enhancing the role of sport in preventing youth radicalization, by developing an innovative approach at a grassroots level in sport to tackle intolerance, xenophobia and discrimination leading to extremism, while increasing youth participation in sport.

Aware of the role of sport in facing societal challenges and, considering the gaps existing amid this potential and the actual capacities of grassroots sports organizations to monitor youths at risk, recognizing the signs of radicalization, and taking the right measures,

CORPLAY developed:
-a new Knowledge and Awareness Framework
-a set of Learning Models, Tools, and Open Educational Resources; -an innovative awareness game

CORPLAY promotes positive messages and new sports based narratives, designed to change and in- novate the perception of the role of sports organizations in contemporary society and in one of the most pervasive challenges of our time: radicalization and extremism.

Following what the Common European Dimension in sport, and what the European Agenda on Security argue, the project advanced new models to help grassroots organizations to counter these threats. Actually, as shown by a recent report of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, “Racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance continue to pose problems in European sport, also at an amateur level.”

The CORPLAY perspective was developed with the purpose of raising awareness and improving the abilities of coaches, sports managers, trainers and referees to leverage on the values of fair play to endorse a more inclusive society based on equality and no discrimination.

The CORPLAY main message: COunter Radicalization, PLAY sport! enhances the role ofsport in pre- venting radicalization and contributes to the de-radicalization processes. The Learning Platform pro- vides sports clubs, youth organizations and local stakeholders with tools to develop a much more resilient community and face contemporary societal challenges, through sport and in sport.