We are working to improve the knowledge framework. By the end of the project studies and guidelines regarding the role of sport in preventing radicalization and in de-radicalization will be published in this section.

Guidelines in particular will help sport organizations to understand their challenging responsibilities in the society.

Through our research we try to answer some of the following key questions:

why skills acquired through  sport reduce the risk of  radicalization and social exclusion?

how can we  improve coaches capacities to monitor youth at risk of radicalization and take right measures?

how can we increase the sense of belonging and self-esteem of youths through sport thus to prevent radicalization?

how can sport help those youth, that turn their backs on civic and democratic values, on families and friends, to find their way?

Is it sport a tool for urban and social regeneration able to monitor youths  drifting to the margins of society,  edging closer to radicalisation and even violent extremism?