Rosto Solidário Campaign
On the 24th and 25th of May 2019, CORPLAY campaign “What’s bugging you” travelled to Braga, to attend the II Fórum Missionário da Arquidiocese de Braga: O que nos Une a Todos. About one hundred and fifty people met the bugs while attending the workshops and roundtables at the event.

Feedback from participants – youth workers, education specialists, project managers, volunteers, local community, etc.-  acknowledges that prejudice can in fact trigger discrimination and can be an obstacle to the fulfilment of Human Right for every person, wherever she or he lives!

The Fórum Missionário is an annual event led by Centro Missionário Arquidiocesano (CMAB) to allow knowledge and experience sharing among local and national stakeholders and foster critical thinking and activism to end inequality.

“what’s bugging you” is on the road