KEAN – Greece, Lead Partner

NGO KEAN, founded on 2004 located in Athens, active in the field of the human rights, well-being, sports & youth, as an open, social youth community aims to raise public awareness on social issues by actively engaging children, youth and the wider public. For meeting the above aims KEAN implements a range of activities such as educational and training workshops, scientific research and analysis round table discussions, dissemination, publicity and raising awareness events.
KEAN has gained significant experience in the development and implementation of educational programs, both at National and European level. KEAN boasts an energetic and rich history of actions and activities and has developed organising skills for the preparation and realisation of a diverse range of projects, including co-organisation of trasnational partnerships with other NGOs & Institutes, worldwide promotion of human values and joint actions for the protection of vulnerable groups.

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Sotiria Louka

Stavros Milionis

USMA – Italy

Founded in 1963, to respond effectively to kids and youth’s needs of taking part at sport and social activities, USMA involves about 500 youth and 60 managers, plus several educators, coaches, referees and volunteers (30% of them are immigrants and asylum seekers). This remarkable result was due, in part, because USMA is strongly convinced of the importance of the social development of the young athlete, not only in sports but also in performing the functions of everyday life, setting itself the ambitious goal of training contribute to this through its commitment in favor of the young people who attend our organization trying to offer them a positive role model for life.
Daily USMA promotes volunteering for social integration and sport education and organises sport and inclusive activities involving its members, their families and the local community, allowing them to practice having fun, learning, socializing with their peers and competing with the successes and failures.
USMA cooperates with the Parish Centre, schools and other sport associations to enhance the inclusive education. In 2014 USMA signed a general agreement with AICCRE, the Italian Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, for promoting health and inclusive activities towards small and medium cities in Veneto.

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Giampaolo Peccolo

Raffaella Lioce

Rosto Solidario – Portugal

Rosto Solidário (RS) is a Portuguese NOG for Development established in 2008 aiming to foster global citizenship and solidarity by enhancing local communities’ human and social development. Participation, inclusion, solidarity, networking and partnership are RS core principles.
The organization’s scope of work includes four main areas: International Development Cooperation, Global Citizenship Education (GCE), Volunteering and Family-based Social Support. Gender Equity, Human Rights and Social Inclusion are addressed as cross-cutting issues in all our programs. Moreover Rosto Solidário takes Non-Formal Education approaches fostering lifelong learning opportunities following Global Citizenship Framework.
Within its Global Citizhenship Education Projects Rosto Solidário seeks to:

  • build understanding of global inequalities and challenges and empowering them to take action in topics such as Diversity, Gender Equity, Sustainability, Migrations, Countering Radicalization, etc.
  • raise awareness and build capacity with students, teachers and other educational personnel and implementing joint advocacy initiatives.
  • develop competences through lifelong learning opportunities such as Erasmus + mobility experiences and international volunteering work.
  • strengthen partnerships with local stakeholders to build ownership and reinforce GCE programs impact at local level.

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Municipality of Evrotas – Greece

The Municipality of Evrotas is located in the Peloponnese Region, it was awarded on November 4, 2016 as “European Town of Sport 2017” by the European Capitals and Cities of Sports Federation (ACES EUROPE). Evrotas extends its action to various sectors of the local community, through its own individual initiatives and through partnerships with other actors in local, national and European level, in order to enhance the sense of security of citizens and to upgrade their standard of living. Organizing events and coordinated activities as well as participating in educational and development programs, are under the quality system of the municipality, aiming to support sport associations, voluntary groups and schools, to care for all and in particular for people with fewer opportunities and immigrants, for elderly and disabled. The social structures of the municipality together with parents’ associations and other specialized structures create a collaborative network active in the fields of education and vocational rehabilitation.

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Hacettepe University – Turkey

Hacettepe University (HU) is one of the oldest and leading universities in Turkey. HU began to operate as a hospital in Ankara in 1957. HU helps the youth to find a place in the society. We are recognized as a non formal education organization. So we help the youth to take initiatives, to experiment actions that increase their sense of responsibility, of citizenship and active participation in building up the society. We offer them a space of possibilities, through what they can develop their autonomy, their identity and involvement in it. We believe in the potential of each of them, regardless their backgrounds. Any project is an ideal opportunity to open their mind, get to know and understand the meaning of cultural diversity and interculturality by being involved in different kinds of activities.
We work both on international and local projects. On one hand as a European Voluntary Service sending, hosting and coordinating organization, and on the other hand by supporting local projects held by young people.

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Opportunity and Protection Association – Bulgaria

Opportunity and Protection Association is a local non-governmental organization, established in 1996 in Haskovo, Bulgaria. The association works in favour of children and young people in all areas regarding the improvement of their welfare.
The priorities in the work of the Association are: prevention of child abuse and involvement in trafficking; family support; promoting child participation and strengthening the potential of young people for community development; creating wide public base for solving the problems of the children and young people.

Main activities of the organization:

  • non formal education to children and young people aimed at acquiring communicative and social skills, non-violent conflict resolution, prevention of violence and trafficking, acceptance of diversity;
  • training programmes for professionals working with children to identify and protect children from all forms of violence, exploitation and discrimination;
  • providing innovative, community based services to families directed to improving their capacity for effective child care;
  • empowerment of young people for establishing tolerant and equal relationships;
  • programmes for children from Roma community aimed at raising their school achievements and prevention of school drop-out;
  • development of school policies for prevention of bullying and violence in schools;
  • networking with key institutions responsible for child welfare.

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Malina Slavova