Castelo da Feira, Portugal

M4 | Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the CORPLAY project took place in Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal) on June 26th, 2019.

This meeting was organized and hosted by Rosto Solidario. During the meeting were presented the ME2 and ME3 Multiplier Events; the output O5 – Learning courses models; the debate on the O6 – Open educational resources; presentation of the draft of the O7 – Sport based counter narrative guidelines.

The following steps were decided to continue the project in view of the final meeting.

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Rosto Solidário Campaign

“what’s bugging you” is on the road

On the 24th and 25th of May 2019, CORPLAY campaign “What’s bugging you” travelled to Braga, to attend the II Fórum Missionário da Arquidiocese de Braga: O que nos Une a Todos. About one hundred and fifty people met the bugs while attending the workshops and roundtables at the event.

Feedback from participants – youth workers, education specialists, project managers, volunteers, local community, etc.-  acknowledges that prejudice can in fact trigger discrimination and can be an obstacle to the fulfilment of Human Right for every person, wherever she or he lives!

The Fórum Missionário is an annual event led by Centro Missionário Arquidiocesano (CMAB) to allow knowledge and experience sharing among local and national stakeholders and foster critical thinking and activism to end inequality.

Rosto Solidário Campaign in Gala Desporto

what’s bugging you – the CORPLAY Campaign

On 12th April, in Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal) Rosto Solidário launched the CORPLAY Pilot Campaign, an awareness raising campaign called What’s bugging you?.

The event took place during the Annual Sports Gala [see CORPLAY Campaign presentation at 1’01’’] in a close partnership with the Municipality. The Gala gathers together the key local, regional and national sports and education stakeholders and authorities to acknowledge the achievements within different types of sports throughout 2018.

The Campaign What bugging you? consists of a set of seven “bugs” and a poster. On one hand, each “bug” represents metaphorically a type of discrimination that can lead to radicalization, such as: Gender discrimination, Discrimination based on political affiliation and ideology, Ethnic Discrimination, Racial Discrimination, Religion and belief discrimination, Disability discrimination, Social-class discrimination.  On the other hand, the poster brings together all seven bugs and dares people to question perception, unable triggers of prejudice and challenge the drivers of discrimination.

The campaign is based on the findings of the analysis of Stories of Radicalization and Counter-Radicalization collected in Bulgaria, Italy, Greece and Portugal in the end of 2018.

M3 in Athens

M3 | Steering Commitee

The Steering Committee of the CORPLAY project took place in Athens on March 18th, 2019.

The third meeting of the project was organized and hosted by KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities. During the meeting the first outputs and results were presented: the report on Literature Review; the report on the Stories collected and the study on Sport Skills and societal change.

The following steps were decided, starting from the the analysis of Learning Needs to arrive at the definition of the Training Modules.

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call for stories

call for stories

Radicalization has been defined as the social and psychological process of increasing commitment to extremist political or religious ideology. Radicalization is thought to occur during adolescence or shortly afterwards among young adults who are impressionable and seek to resolve personal negotiations of identity. Typically adolescence is a period of maturation in which young people experiment with their identity, group relationships, political ideologies and their place in the world.

We launched a CALL FOR STORIES to collect experiences in order to comprehend what radicalization is and how it can happen at grassroots sport level,  understanding which capacities and competences should be upgraded at grassroots level for a better use of sport in facing societal challenges.

The stories collected have been published at this link, as a contribution to the development of the CORPLAY educational resources and to the construction of a “counter-narration”, helping to set up the tools and guidelines useful to respond to learning needs.


call for stories launched by project partners

OPA – Bulgaria

OPA call for stories

web and email campaign
June 2018

KEAN – Greece

KEAN call for stories

public event
September 2018

USMA – Italy

USMA call for stories

public event
October 2018


ROSTO SOLIDARIO call for stories

web and email campaign
October 2018

Multiplier event 1 - PD

ME1 | Sport and radicalization – call for stories

USMA call for stories
5.10.2018 – PADUA, Italy

The event took place at the Univerisity of Padua and involved students, researchers and project partners. It was a good opportunity to frame the topic of the relation between radicalization, de-radicalization and sport. The situation in five european countries was presented and to gain knowledge on the theme and on the complex dynamics to be addressed, the call for stories was launched.

The conference contributions are downloadable here

Meeting in Padua

M2 | Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of The Project took place in Padua, Italy on October 5th, 2018.

It was organized by USMA and it was held at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology (FISPPA) – University of Padua, which collaborates with USMA in the development of scientific studies.

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Kick off meeting in Athens

M1 | Kick off meeting

The Kick off meeting of the CORPLAY project took place in Athens on April 10th, 2018.

The Kick-Off Meeting of the project “CORPLAYCounter Radicalization, PLAY sportwas held on 10th April 2018, in Athens – Greece and was organized and hosted by KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities. The Meeting took place in the “Europe Direct – City of Athens” in “SERAFIO”, which constitutes the Sports Culture & Innovation Centre of the Municipality of Athens, hosting sport services, cultural activities, open workshops and initiatives of social and technological innovation.

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